Yard Work on the Hottest Day June 5th 2016

Yard Work on the Hottest Day June 5th 2016

So it has been super hot this weekend. It is even sunnier on the Coast with a high of 33C in the Fraser Valley! We were going to visit the Coast but not when it is this hot out! Instead we decided to stay at home and do some yard work. We went to a local feed shop in town and got some horse manure that had finished so we can use it right away in our garden! We took out a few shovels when we got home and put the trailer full of dirt on to the parts where our vegetable garden will be! It is hard work but I sure felt like a farmer today 🙂



It was a nice spot where we got the manure from. They told us to come back when we needed more. We think we will be doing a few more trailer loads so we can create a nice garden spot.


Tao Dog and our other dogs love it out here! We are going to build a fence so that they don’t wander off into our neighbours yards as they have been. People seem to like our dogs though and someone gave Humble Dog a big rack of fresh rib bones from some sort of game! She came home trotting so proudly holding her rack of ribs so high for every one of our dogs to see. We took off the bones so they all could share and wow they were quiet for quite some time! 🙂 We have really nice neighbours here and everyone seems to have a dog or 2.



Soon it will be time for a new wheelbarrow! It is beginning to wear a bit. But we got a few good years out of it! We sure do a lot of gardening!


Little Darwin loves to explore our yard. Morgyn finds sticks to throw for him and he chases after them and brings them back proudly. What a good little pup! We have a few flat spots in our yard where we will be putting a greenhouse and a few gardens. It’s been pretty exciting after the Spring thaw to see what available land space we actually have here.


Humble Dog has been super curious about our neighbour friend next doors puppy. They haven’t yet been formally introduced but Humble Dog seems to like to sneak off when we aren’t looking and pay him a visit when he is on the deck. Silly Humble Dog it sure isn’t like her to do that! I bet they will get along great!


Here Morgyn is wandering over to where a rock path is. Something quite cool is that we discovered all these little rock borders for gardens when we were weeding the yard the other day! The lady that lived here before liked to garden as much as we did!


Morgyn waving to me!


Mr Dog about to go inside and have a long drink of cold water! He sure enjoys it out here!


I did a bit of flower planting the other day with some of our flowers. Still have quite a few left to plant. All in good time!


Tao Dog always stays close to home. It is nice to feel at home now!


It’s me!