Timber Friday

Timber Friday

Last Friday we took a drive to 100 mile BC to pick up some huge timbers for our deck project! We bought 8′ and 12′ timbers and we had help at the lumber yard to put them into our trailer. Really nice gentlemen at the 100 mile wood products yard. We have to go back for more timbers again soon! Turns out that the drive was really nice, and 100 mile is a beautiful little town. Lots of Birch mixed with Pine and Fir trees looked like along the way. Also it had lots of lakes along the way too!


Look at how big and clear the sky was!


Such a pretty view!


Lots of water like this along the way! It looked really clean too.


Just a cool bunch of logs on a truck!


More water!




We got the timbers home safe and sound! They were so heavy there was no way they were budging off the trailer!


Here I am me 5’3 beside a timber 8′ high!


Morgyn took off most of the logs just by herself! My wonder woman!


It’s me! Got lots of sun this month!


Time to relax with a bottle of our favorite store bought wine, Two Oceans! It is a really nice wine 🙂 Cheers!

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