Start of Summer Dishes

Start of Summer Dishes

It’s been in the higher 30C temps the last few weeks, so we have been making more lighter cooler meals. Here are some photos of what we’ve been making in the kitchen 🙂


Chocolate Icecream, yogurt and frozen veggie smoothies I made this morning


Morgyn made us some Spam and eggs while I made myself a energizing 2 tea medley using Oolong and Japanese Green Tea with rice..


Here is the tasty Spam Morgyn fried up! We like to dip it in Mustard


Then the other day we realized we had all the ingredients for Salad Rolls! So we made them up and Morgyn also completed a delicious Peanut Satay from scratch..we are also going to use the satay in another dish this weekend.




Here is the start of a Summer Ale we made that we are tasting today and it is very delicious!


Another 2 tea medley..this one is a organic ginger tea Morgyns Mom bought for us along with an Oolong teabag, a slice of fresh lemon and some lime leaves! Yum!


We bought some fresh Summer veggies at the store last week..we fried them up!


This vegetable is called Rapini. It reminds me of Spinach and Asparagus..the longer you leave it in the fridge however the more bitter it gets raw..we fried ours up in a pan on high heat with garlic and butter..delicious!


Morgyn loves a good BLT and so do I!


We bought a few storebought beers when we were waiting for our beer to be done. This one is a Pale Ale and is from the Tree Brewing Co. in Kelowna! Very tasty..


We do enjoy a good Steamworks brew..this is the Pale good, yum!!


In the morning we like our rich brews!


We had a lot of vegetables and Morgyn thought they would be tasty baked in our oven! You can see she snuck in a Jalapeno! It added the right amount of heat to them!


This is a delicious Squash we’ve been saving for the last 3-4 months or so.. they really turned out awesome! So sweet, it smelled like we were baking a cake in our kitchen!


I am getting hungry just looking at these baked veggies!


Here is another smoothie I made for’s got a lot of frozen Strawberries in it, I also added Cinnamon and vanilla..


We were craving some burgers last week, so Morgyn whipped these up! Some of the last Rempel meats we have..


For the first time making Bahnmi’s they turned out really well! We used Daikon radish (pickled it in sugar and vinager), fresh jalapeno’s, cilantro, shredded lettuce, peeled carrot and turkey meat! What a great sandwich!


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