Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

It’s official! Our hot days are here in the Cariboo of BC! This week we’ve had temps up to 33C yesterday! We’ve been spending a lot of time outside in our greenhouse and in the yard. Morgyn has been keeping up with mowing our lawn, and on just over a half an acre it can be quite the job! We have mosquitoes out here that are 3x the size as the ones in Vancouver on the Coast. It can be a pain to be working on a job outside and have to retreat inside because they swarm you..little ankle biters!

I did over 79 tomato and flower transplants last week. It was quite the job but now they are all watered in in our greenhouse and Morgyn set up a hose for me to water them. She also set up a automatic watering system for our rows where our vegetables will go eventually. Today it is already too hot for me to be outside!


Nicandras, around 11 or so ready to be transplanted!


Daturas and Tomatoes


It’s me in the #greenhouse!


All the tomato transplants! So many! 79 of them to be exact.


Daturas and Nicandras!


Look how bushy this Nicandra is! This plant is really cool, it produces little purple bell type flowers, then goes to seed in what look like little lanterns. It is a nightshade and not edible.


It’s me! Ready for #Gardening!




Here are the most recent transplants. There are a few tomatoes mixed up along side of them. More flowers!


Tao Dog likes to keep me company when I’m in the greenhouse!


First 4’Oclock bloom! So pretty!


Morgyn and I put together a Cedar Lattice for our vine plants like peas, beans and morning glories!


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