Smoke Free Day 10

Smoke Free Day 10


I admit I smoked cigarettes off and on since I was 17. In the last 2 years I only smoked about 4 a day, and now I am 10 days smoke free! I sometimes want to have a smoke but I think about how awful it would taste to have one after not smoking for so long already. Why start again? I feel so much better now, less headaches and I don’t taste like a cigarette anymore! My advice for anyone trying to quit? Just don’t smoke. There isn’t any trying to quit you either smoke or you don’t as Morgyn says.  It may be hard at first but think of the benefits of not smoking! There are many such as your health, second hand smoke, and in general a gross smell. I haven’t really had any withdrawals because I didn’t smoke too much to begin with, but I must say I feel a lot healthier not smoking. Good luck to anyone out there who is quitting as well, it just takes will power and you will get through it!


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