Prime Rib Roast Dinner

Prime Rib Roast Dinner

We have been celebrating some special dates these last 2 months. In June we had our first wedding anniversary, my wife had her birthday, and then this month it was Canadas 150th birthday!

We wanted to revisit our wedding dinner which was prime rib and lobster! Well we didn’t buy the lobster yet but enjoyed a big prime rib roast from our fav butcher #Rempelmeats on the Coast. Morgyn seared the roast on the BBQ just like her Dad did a long time ago at our last place in the Fraser Valley for her birthday. Prime rib always conjures up pleasant memories for us, so it was nice to have a continued celebration week along with my wife’s favorite red wine from Villa Theresa that I surprised her with. Cheers to health, happiness and many more great years ahead of us!


Here is the rib roast! It was a pretty good size for the both of us and left overs for a few days!




In my opinion this was the best home made #potatosalad Morgyn has made yet!


Darwin is never too far from the block of butter when we are using it! So cute, we always give him a taste of it and he loves sitting pretty for a bite!


Here is our favorite store bought wine, Villa Teresa Merlot! So rich in flavour you gotta try it out!




We think the taste of the roast was amplified from the pre salting!


Our first time in years using our BBQ! We usually use our DIY smoker, but we wanted that rustic BBQ flavour, and wow did Morgyn accomplish a delicious meal!




We also barbecued a few potatoes! Wow so lucky!


We bought some purple kale at our local farmers market #Horstings, so yummy!




I’d eat this meal over and over again it was so fantastic! Loved the fried garlic on the veg as well!


Morgyn’s plate with a bit of fresh horseradish sauce, made right before dinner!


Today we ate a lot of the left overs in a few fantastic rib roast sandwiches!

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