Planting Flower Seeds

Planting Flower Seeds


Here I am planting white Datura seeds on our YouTube channel SweetnSvry Gardens!


White Datura sprouts progress after a week!


Here I am planting some Nasturtium seeds on our YouTube channel SweetnSvry Gardens!


These two in front are the Nasturtiums I planted in the video after a week! If you can see there are some smaller White Datura sprouts behind them..those are the ones I planted in my planting White Datura seeds so cool to see how they are doing now!


Spring has sprung at our place in the Cariboo! We are in Canada, Zone 5a and have been getting some pretty sunny days. We still do get a surprise snow storm here and there though but it doesn’t stick on the ground. Soon we will have to build a greenhouse!

So over the last few weeks I have been starting seeds in damp paper towel and letting them lay on a heat mat in a seedling tray. Most of the seeds I have are still viable this year even though they are a few years old. Lots of them have sprouted and I transplanted them into red solo cups like the above videos show!


This is a Borage seed after germinating in a damp paper towel for a few days on a heat mat! Doesn’t take long for some seeds to germinate at all, while others take up to 7-10 days. Really it depends on the temperature of the seeds during this process..some seeds prefer a cooler germination temp while others need heat. Best to read up on what your seeds needs are before starting them.


In this photo you can see I am about to drop the seed in root side down into a hole for the seed to sprout!


After a few days this is what the Borage seeds came out to look like! In my next video I will show how the more permanent leaves are growing on these plants. You can see in this photo the smallest leaves? Well these are going to be the more prominent leaves of the plant! Very cool right?

Yesterday I started some smaller seeds that I just sprinkled on top of the soil and covered with a bit more potting soil. I watered the seeds in and now comes the part that requires patience. I have to check to see if the top of the soil is wet constantly because if it dries out so will all the seeds that I sowed!


In this photo you can see it is filled up with potting soil and on the top are little orange seeds..well these Nicandra seeds got watered in after I took the photo and now have a sprinkling of potting soil over top of them as well. When I watered them in I used fertilizer.

Progress so far of the seedlings! It is very fun to watch the little flower seedlings grow! So nice to know that with the proper soil and fertilizer they get big and healthy within a few weeks! Yes it’s true I have the gardening bug! I can’t stop sowing!


So here are a few photos of the progress so far of our flower seedlings! You can see on the left is a flower with giant foliage. That is a Moonflower Vine! It will be very big by the time it goes outside. I really like these flowers. They are big and very fragrant. They are also in the Morning Glory family.


Here you can see that there are a few empty cups! These seeds didn’t end up coming out of thier shell..too bad but that’s okay because there are lots more where those came from! In the very back on the left is a 4 Oclock. These are very pretty flowers, petite and very vibrant colours. There is one flower in a cube as well in this photo. It is a Split Personality vine. They are very pretty! At our last place we had one climb up to the top of our lamp post on our deck. Its flower colour is magenta! Other flowers in this photo are Daturas. These Daturas are going to be Blue and Purple. Very pretty blooms but very poisonous, do not consume!

Thanks for checking out this blog post. I will be posting more, so check back again soon!

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