Pizza Friday

Pizza Friday

Since we have moved in we have been going non stop with our home renovations. As winter is approaching we have slowed our renovations down a bit and have made our space in our kitchen upstairs more homey and less of a construction zone. Now that we have a nice space to work up there with a new tap to our sink and a better stove than in our last place (the stove we have actually has a working broiler) we have been on a pizza making kick! Yes pizza from scratch just like at our last place! This time the crust was more flakey like a pie and really reminded me of a restaurant I used to go to as a teen named “Moxie’s”. Morgyn made her traditional sauce with garlic, tomatoes, basil, and a slightly spicy chili from our Summer garden. One of the pizzas we made was a Deluxe. We tried to copy a Canadian favorite pizza place and ended up calling the pizzas “Morgyn Hut” pizzas. The deluxe was just that with ham, peppers, Italian Sausage the works! Our second pizza night we made a more traditional pizza with “Morgyn Hut” sauce, and Mozza cheese. We compared it to a frozen pizza and even though we added more mozza to the frozen one our personal pan pizza was way more delicious! Hands down some of the best pizza I’ve ever had!


Deluxe Pizza


Ready to go into the oven!


All done and ready for devouring!


This is the second home made pizza we made last night. It had stayed in the fridge for a few days and when we rolled out this dough it had a slight sour dough smell to it.


Adding “Morgyn Hut” sauce!


After adding some Mozza we popped this one into the oven for a few minutes careful not to burn it.


Results were absolutely delicious!


An after thought Morgyn drizzled on some specialty Evoo that we got at a very cool designer olive oil store!


Even after dressing up the frozen pizza, we have decided that nothing beats home made!