Perfecto Pasta

Perfecto Pasta

Morgyn has been making more pasta these days with a new recipe for a delicious sauce no matter what kind of ripe tomatoes or canned product you use!

Perfecto Pasta

Perfecto Pasta

This recipe calls for

Olive oil



Ripe Tomatoes / canned tomatoes / canned tomato juice

Handful of Cherry Tomatoes

Red wine or red wine vinegar

Dried Oregano fresh if you have it or dried Basil fresh if you have it

Fresh Parsely

Fresh or dried Chili

Salt to taste

Spaghetti or the pasta of your taste


Put on a pot of boiling salted water for the pasta. You want only enough water to cover your pasta and enough extra so that it will remain submerged while cooking. You want the water especially starchy for this dish.

Cover the bottom of a heavy bottom sauce pan with a generous amount of olive oil. Add whole garlic cloves and turn on medium heat. Cook the garlic cloves in the oil taking care to make sure the oil doesn’t get too hot. You want to cook your garlic all the way through leaving a light golden brown colour on the outside. Remove the garlic and set aside. Add 2 anchovies to the pan and cook them for just a minute or 2 breaking them into pieces before turning the heat up to medium high and adding tomato. Do not add the Cherry Tomato at this time. Do not stir or touch the mixture after you’ve added the tomato sauce. It should bubble violently and then slow down with the oil pooling on top. Watch the size of the bubbles. They will be large at first, and few of them. As the sauce gets to the consistency you want the bubbles will get smaller and they will spread out more evenly throughout the pan. This could take 10 minutes or more depending on consistency of the sauce you start with. If your tomato sauce actually burns during this process, then you may not be using a heavy enough pan. After the bubbles have changed you can check the consistency of the sauce by stirring.You want it to be just starting to stick to the bottom and when you scrape away the sauce from the middle of the pan it will leave a clean spot that the surrounding sauce will not immediately fill in. Put on your pasta and now is the time to add your Cherry Tomatoes and seasonings and return the roasted garlic to the pan. Stir from this point on cooking the tomatoes so they burst and release their juices. I like to pull the skins off after they burst. Once your Cherry Tomatoes are cooked, add some wine or red wine vinegar and reduce again until you can scrape the bottom clean again, and sauce does not immediately fill back in. Hopefully your pasta is nearly cooked at this point. Add your pasta directly into the sauce without straining. Add some of the pasta water to the sauce and a handful of chopped parsley. Stir the sauce and pasta together so the pasta finishes cooking in the sauce. If the sauce is sticking to the bottom of the pan, add more pasta water, don’t worry you won’t make the sauce soupy it will stick to the sauce and will give your finished dish more of a silky sheen. Serve with garlic bread and a vegetable.

Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce


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