Our new DIY: Hoop House

Our new DIY: Hoop House

Well last year we didn’t have a big garden as we were new to the growing seasons here and didn’t expect to lose our hot peppers and tomato plants to a freak frost in June! Twice! Needless to say we were disheartened but so was everyone in this little town! This year we want to have a lot of tomatoes so Morgyn and I built a new hoop house here! It is bigger than our last one in Abbotsford, and we are excited for our tomato sprouts to get big so we can house them in our greenhouse! Here are the pictures of the building of our new Hoop House 2017..


First Morgyn had to set up the structure, we reused some of the same materials we had from our last Hoop House in Abbotsford..


It’s Me!


Infront of where our Hoop House will be we made rows of well composted soil for whatever vegetable crops we want to have this year! Maybe squashes? We had a couple of big pumpkins a few years back, It will be nice to grow some more! Maybe strawberries too? Yum!


Here is our first hoop erected! We are getting there! 🙂


My first cooking lesson started that day! Cheers!


With Morgyn’s help I made some really great Quesadillas! Yay!


Little Darwin, they are so happy that the snow is all gone! We had a bit of a scare last week though as Humble Dog came home with a few wood ticks on her! One had really effected her badly, she was a little weak for a few days, but all better now! Wow those things are sure nasty!


Our greenhouse/hoop house is up now! It did alright with the few wind storms we’ve had this last month..we are impressed!


Here is the inside, we are cleaning out the old buckets from our vegetables and flowers last season, that is where the dirt is coming from for our rows!


Me in my rain jacket as you don’t know when a crazy hail storm or rain storm comes and goes around here! Pretty neat weather that’s for sure!


Morgyn is about to cut down a few little trees in our hoop house as we don’t want them in there..we have so many pines on our property it is really cool! Too bad you can’t get maple syrup out of these guys!

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