Our Dogs @ the new place

Our Dogs @ the new place

Last time we went to our new place we brought our dogs with us for the first time! They really enjoyed it on the way up so many new things to look at and smell! It was Tao Dogs first time any wheres but at out place in the Fraser Valley..he did super awesome up there too. We are so proud of him 🙂 When it came to them exploring around the house they loved looking and smelling each new room, but still liked to hang out with us in the kitchen like they do when we are at home. Mr Dog really enjoyed being close to us when we were taking down the walls, so much so that we had to tell him that he had to get out of the way a few times..there are a lot of neighbors on our block with dogs. So one of the first things we have to do is to build a dog run for our pups. We hope to introduce our pack to everyone on the block too eventually!


Here is our Darwin Dog. He sits with us in the cab of our truck when we travel. On our way back he sat on my lap the whole way and fell asleep! What a cutie 🙂


On our first day we went to buy dog food for the pups as we forgot to bring some up from our other place. They really liked the new food!


Mr Dog hanging out!


Tao Dog getting some belly rubs!


Here is Mr Dog again wanting to help 🙂




Tao Dog


Here is Humble Dog relaxing after a long day of smelling all the new smells and looking out the window at her new spot on the block!

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