On an Adventure

On an Adventure

After years of looking in the housing market we found a house in the BC Cariboo to buy. We are doing full renovations to it and fixing it up a bit at a time. It sure is a wonderful place so pretty with lots of snowy treed hills and big skies. We live in a valley where there is a lot of cattle farms that remind us of our place in the Fraser Valley. Our neighborhood is very friendly and we think we will really enjoy living there! Right now there is still snow on the ground out that way and after a fall I had to remind myself to be careful of ice in the driveway..something we don’t really experience in the Fraser Valley so much as the snow doesn’t last quite as long. We have already started to do demos and last time we went up we brought our dogs! They love it up there just as much as we do! Tao dog didn’t want to leave when it was time to come back to our second home. Here are some scenic photos of our drive up and the view from our deck.














Our view from our deck

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