Octopus Pasta

Octopus Pasta

It was our first time making baby Octopus the other night for dinner! Baby Octopus is a lot like the Squids that we buy, I think it is like the Squid tentacles. However the octopus is more meaty. There wasn’t enough in the bag though, next time we might buy a few bags of them. They are around 7.00 CAD a bag in the frozen seafood isle at Superstore. Enjoy the photos!


First we boiled the baby Octopus in a broth with some shallots, ginger and some other ingredients like garlic that we first fried in a hot hot pan






After 45 minutes or so, Morgyn took out the Octopus and strained them.


It’s been pretty hot out..up in the 30C’s and we bought a few drinks to cool down! This was our first time trying a premixed Motts drink, and wow was this ever a spicy bevvy! If you like hot peppers you will enjoy this one 🙂


Here Morgyn is making her signature tomato sauce for the pasta!


Steamworks brews never disappoint!


Next step is to fry the Octopus a bit, not too long though! Some butter was added to our cast iron as well for extra buttery flavour 🙂


Here is the finished meal! We will try this dish again soon, cheers!

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