Laundry Room Project Pt. 1- Concrete Pad

Laundry Room Project Pt. 1- Concrete Pad


We have taken on a big project! Well Morgyn has as she is building us a new laundry room addition to our place! That means extending the roof over it, as well as putting in a new concrete pad! This project is really coming together now!


Digging the trench for our concrete pad! This was hard work as our place has so many rocks in the soil it’s super hard to dig..but Morgyn did it!


There she is! My hard working wife! I am so proud of her!! 🙂


One of the steps was that Morgyn had to build the forms! So in order to do that, she had to cut wood and rebar! It’s coming along nicely here..


Oh yeah, she also had to drill into the existing cement for her much work! 🙂


It’s me!


Now that the forms are built, Morgyn is adding some gravel mix to the outer edge of the forms.


I am really looking forward to getting our washer and dryer! As a wedding gift Morgyn’s Mom has ordered a set for us, we are just waiting for the washer to come now! I can’t wait to do the first load!


Morgyn ran out of wood to do a part of the we had some cupboards that we took apart from our kitchen and she used one of the doors for a bit of the end..


So cute!


Okay.. so here is the concrete truck. We weren’t expecting it to be so big or loud, but that was a super fun part of seeing/experiencing! It is our first concrete job, and the guy who delivered it was super helpful and had lots of great tips for us about concrete manipulation..


As the concrete hardened, Morgyn had the chance to smooth it out with various pieces of lumbar we had, and her smoothing tool, which was helpful!






Look at her go! Woot woot! 🙂



Okay so there it is! Our concrete is poured! Stay posted for the next post I make about this laundry room addition!

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