Laundry Room Addition Pt3.- Leveling Forms

Laundry Room Addition Pt3.- Leveling Forms

Our deck project is coming along! Morgyn has been busy leveling forms for our deck supports.




We have decided to go with 8×8 timber posts so our deck will have a post and beam type feel to go with our stone/wood/metal theme for our house. It is really exciting how things are coming together! It is also cool that we have a lot of online support from our followers on Twitter, like Andre and Bryan Sr. from TimberKings! See below!Andreconvotimberadvice



In the last few days it’s been raining, so we had to cover our concrete forms with plastic and resume again once it clears! Here is our view from our will be nice to have a new deck to enjoy our scenery!





Here we are relaxing after a hard days work! #Wifeyselfie <3 🙂


Digging holes! Most people would rent an excavator, but Morgyn did this all herself! I am so proud of my wife! She dug 9 holes that took up to 2 hours each! Here we don’t have very soft soil..the soil here has lots of rocks in it, so it is very challenging work! 🙂 <3


It’s me! 🙂

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