Laundry Room Addition Pt-5: Building the Walls

Laundry Room Addition Pt-5: Building the Walls

Okay so my wifey has resumed work on our laundry room addition! Today she is framing the walls! We went to the local Home Hardware and picked up a bunch of lumber today! Skies are clear for the first time since the BC Wildfires started last Friday. It was pretty scary as both towns beside us were in evacuation because of the fires! We luckily didn’t have to evacuate and the fire didn’t actually reach us here. Roads and highways will probably be open again next week. Good thing because I want to see my Mother in law and our friends soon!


Here we are! Ready for our next adventure!


Views as we drove back from Kamloops Friday afternoon. This was a photo of Ashcroft coming westbound on the hwy towards Cache Creek


Over the next few days on the weekend our skies in our yard at home were smokey but that was an understatement. There had been and still is an air quality alert on right now for the Cariboo BC.



Today there are clear skies and Morgyn wanted to work on our laundry room addition walls today!


All of our Daturas bloomed this morning!


Look at my beautiful wife! She doesn’t just pose good with power tools she uses them like a pro! 🙂


Morgyn is getting the walls ready to fit a window in! Pretty exciting!



Starting to look really awesome babe!! Nice work 🙂


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