Laundry Room Addition Pt. 2- Digging Holes

Laundry Room Addition Pt. 2- Digging Holes


Next part of our new laundry room addition is to build a roof on top of our room! That means taking off the railing and digging holes for our new supports for the roof! These are a few of the different types of rocks we found in the 3′ holes Morgyn has been digging!


We found some really pretty ones! Morgyn’s Mom makes jewellery and she said if we found a few we liked, smaller ones she can make us a necklace with them! Her jewellery is so pretty, we really like it, to see her webstore check out ! All handcrafted by her 🙂


If you like my necklace and earrings you will love the rest of what Chicjewellerycreations has to offer on their site!

20170428_130418 20170428_155850

These holes took about 40 minutes for Morgyn to dig each one! It has been pretty fair weather out this weekend, and Morgyn got a lot dug out! She even found a bottle cap 3′ under ground! Wow! Looked pretty old too..


What our new laundry room will look like after it’s done! 🙂


After a long day of digging, we had some of Morgyn’s pork stew! Absolutely delicious! Cheers 🙂

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