July Update 2017

July Update 2017


Morgyn and I spending time together! <3



Yellow and white 4’oclock and pink Clarkia!

20170708_183637  20170708_170111-1

Tao dog and I!


Clarkia blooms


Gandolf checking out our Rhubarb!

    Hi all! You are all probably wondering if we are alright due to the fires in the Cariboo. We are doing really well here, today the skies have cleared a lot since the fires started last Friday. Current direction of the fires are not headed this way and people in Cache Creek are most likely able to return to their homes in a few days. We are about a half an hour from Cache Creek. Even if we did have the fires this way, Morgyn has converted our little red truck into a fire truck! We will be just fine and have a place to go as well so no worries!




Our little red truck is ready to put out fire if it comes to our town!


Here is a photo of Gandolf checking out our Pumpkin bloom!

Our garden has been thriving this last week! Today all of our Daturas bloomed this morning and our garden smells beautiful! We have a few purple Daturas this year as well as seeds I harvested a few years back from our last white Datura bunch have beautiful blooms on them now!


White Datura blooms!




Purple Datura or Angels Trumpet



Clear skies this morning! First clear skies since the fires started last Friday..



Our first tomatoes are growing also, very exciting! Our first is a Super Italian Paste, good sign for our tomato crop this year as we plan on making a ton of sauce that will last us through the winter!


We have strawberries starting to form in our rows! Yay! So exciting to have something grow in dirt on our own piece of land!


Heliotrope that we bought and transplanted from a local farmers market in Cache Creek! It smells like licorice!

Now that things are back to normal mostly here, just waiting for the highways and roads to open again, Morgyn is continuing to work on our laundry room addition!


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