Home Made Wine Press

Home Made Wine Press

After browsing Craigslist for some second hand Wine Presses we got the idea of making one ourselves, to save in costs and it would be a bit lighter/easier to store when we are not using it. We looked at a few You Tube videos for some ideas on how to construct it and a few websites for example at fivegallons.com  had one diagram that looked pretty good. Here is what we ended up building and a video of us using it after it was constructed!


This is what it will look like


Ran out of battery power for the drill, putting it together old fashioned style!


Car jack on the bottom, screwing in all the parts



It’s Ready!


Pouring in Berries and draining access mash into bowl, which will later be dumped back into the Fermenter


Here the Wine Press is in use, the top bucket is crushing the berries below into the second bucket which has holes in it. The wooden piece is pressing the top bucket down in place and the metal pin is keeping the wooden piece in the preferred place.



You can see the mash coming out of the holes in the bucket


Tao and Darwin

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