Holidays in the Cariboo

Holidays in the Cariboo

With it being down to -20 Celsius degrees these last few weeks winter has kicked in full blast along with snow, and yes we got our Christmas decorations up a bit earlier than last year. It was fun putting up the tree, and the little kitties sure love the ornaments! A trick my Mom taught me when I was a kid was to put ornaments that aren’t breakable at the bottom of the tree incase a cat does find a new toy on the tree it wont break or hurt them or your decorations! It worked so far they have found 2 that they like the most 🙂 I also put up our Christmas village on top of our bookshelf along with another set of Christmas lights I found in one of our boxes of decorations.

Our dogs sure love the snow! Darwin loves to get his face deep in snow piles and then run around with a snow beard! He is the cutest! Tao dog loves running all around the yard and slipping and sliding as he glides back inside the mud room..Humble Dog well she just loves to play with the puppies outside. I don’t think it matters what the weather is for them to have a good time, they are all healthy happy pups!

There has been really great Christmas specials on the TV. Gusto TV has a bunch of great recipe shows for holiday cooking/baking from Spencer Watts (Fish the Dish), some great recipes from the ladies at One World Kitchen, Snoop and Martha Stewart, as well as Jamie Oliver. DIY has been pumping out some of our favorite shows like Timber Kings, Carver Kings and Treehouse guys. HGTV has a few new shows for the holidays that we have seen so far, one from Chip and his wife the duo from Fixer Upper and another Christmas special with the Wilsons’ Kortney and Dave from Masters of Flip.

We have made a come back on FB this winter sharing lots of new blog posts from our food site and just plain old getting up to date with our family and friends. It has been years since we were last on FB and nice to see everyone on there again.

Our Twitter @SweetnSvry has really taken off this winter. We have been making about 10 tweets a day and sharing our friends tweets that we just can’t get enough of! Thanks to all new followers and for everyone’s online support. We are thankful for each and every one of you!


Me all ready for winter!


Tao Dog eating the snow..


Our yard in a blanket of peaceful snow


Shadow Kitty helping me put up the tree..