Gardening Progress

Gardening Progress


Well hi again! It’s been 3 weeks that we’ve had our tomatoes and flowers in our greenhouse/hoop house and they are doing terrific! Above is a photo of some of the 79 tomato transplants I did with the little tomatoes we grew from seed in March!


Here are some you can see one of them got some sun burning on the leaves but that will just make them more strong!


This is a photo of a Nicandra plant we have in the greenhouse/hoop house and the flowers are starting to appear on them about to bloom! Will keep an eye on them to see the blooms soon!


It’s me! I’m wearing some designs my Mother in Law made for me!


Here is little Gandolf kitty! She is getting bigger now, as is her brother Shadow kitty! They love it outside these days 🙂


Check back soon!

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