Flowers June 2016

Flowers June 2016

We’ve been super busy in the yard! Morgyn has been taking measurements of our roof for our big project this Summer and we’ve been doing yard work like crazy! There are these tall wild dandelion type flowers in the yard that are clearly weeds and holy cow when you pull them out of the ground the roots on them look like carrot roots! I planted some of our flowers in the Cedar planter boxes Morgyn built me and we watered them in today. Here are a few photos of the flowers in the Cedar boxes!

Orange Marigold June2016


Soon more Marigolds

Marigolds about to bloom!

Royal Carpet Alyssum

Royal Carpet Alyssum

Rose Seedling from Seed June2016

Rose seedling from seed!

Reeseeded Nigella

Nigella that reseeded in it’s own container! 🙂

Petunia and other flowers June16


Orange Yellow NasturtiumsJune16

Yellow and Orange Nasturtiums

Nigella and View of the Cariboo June2016

Nigella and the view on our street!


Morgyn measuring the roof!

Money Tree Seeds June16

Money tree seeds!

Huechera Overwintered June16

Huechera that reseeded in the winter! 🙂

Flowers in Ceadar Boxes June16

Our flowers in the Cedar boxes Morgyn built for me!

Coleus June 2016


Canterberry Bells Overwintered June2016

Canturberry Bells! They came back from last year. I thought they were going to be poppies but nope! What a pleasant surprise!

Calendula June2016

Calendula – In the Marigold family!

Bachelor Buttons OverwinteredJune16

Bachelors Buttons! They reseeded themselves too. 🙂

Babys Breath Alyssum

These are the flowers we have potted up so far! Stay tuned for more garden posts! 🙂