Eggplant Curry

Eggplant Curry

It’s been awhile since we have made a curry. It is always a great time to make curry but nothing beats a warm meal on a chilly afternoon. We have bought eggplant before but have found that the larger ones are sort of bitter and not so tasty. We watch a lot of food shows on the TV and something that has been coming up a lot has been dishes using this vegetable. We have seen that the smaller eggplants have much more flavour and so we bought a few to try out. It took us a few days to figure out how we were going to incorporate our vegetable into our dish. We really wanted to make something that was especially flavorful to make. It’s always fun making a curry with my sweetie because she tends to make things more authentic. What I mean is that she makes things from scratch, traditionally and not from a pre mixed jar. Not that you can’t have a delicious curry using something pre made but it is part of the experience in our kitchen to make the recipe ourselves. Here are the photos that I took while she was creating this awesome eggplant curry.


First Morgyn fried up the eggplant


Gorgeous colour!


Next she made the body of the curry, and she added back the eggplant


Let it simmer for a short while


Can you guess the secret ingredient?


Our curry was placed on a bed of home made coconut lime rice. Yum!