Easter Dinner with Family

Easter Dinner with Family

We had a very different Easter weekend this year. Our small Eddie kitten got hit by a car and it was the hardest day for Morgyn and I and our animals. We took a few days to mourn him before going to have dinner at Morgyn’s Moms for Easter. He was a kind, sweet, caring kitty who will be greatly missed.


In the same weekend we discovered some wild mushrooms in our yard! We ate them as they were Morel mushrooms and wow were they ever tasty! We fried them up and used the left over juices in the pan for some amazing pasta!


One of my Passion flower vine seedlings also came up that same weekend and it made us realize that nature was showing us these beautiful things to remind us that there can still be good in the Universe even though sometimes things are unfair like losing our little Eddie.


Our Easter dinner was a delicious roast that Morgyn’s Mom made! Morgyn made the Yorkshires and a side of Asparagus that she grilled and wow was it a terrific meal!