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I  live in zone 5a in

Canada with my sweetie and our dogs! I enjoy being a sous chef in our kitchen

where all of our wonderful food is made, I also enjoy gardening. I blog about our food creations,

gardening, beekeeping, home brewing, and our new

adventures with beginner astronomy!

Morgyn's Story

Morgyn was born with a male body, but always felt strongly female inside. She learned as she grew up that she didn’t identify strongly with other males and shared more in common with females, although she always felt a strange combination of attraction and envy towards them. When she was growing up she was not aware that Transgender people even existed and her first real exposure to the concept of transsexualism was introduced to her when she was about 17…and from that point on the thought lingered. While still confused about herself, she felt pressured to enter into a ‘heterosexual’ relationship with a woman who became pregnant with Morgyn’s daughter, who was born in 2001. Unfortunately that whole relationship was based on the false pretense that Morgyn was male, and separation was eminent long before Jadah was conceived. Morgyn has always been present in her daughters life, and that continues to this day. After years of self discovery she decided at 30 to make a full transition and began seeing an endocrinologist who recommended a treatment program based on female hormones and a male hormone suppressor. She told her friend’s and family about what she had discovered about herself, and everyone seemed very supportive; but the reality these days is that for one reason or another all of her old friends have ‘disappeared.’ A few months after she started hormone therapy she began to live her life full time as a woman and has not looked back since, which consequently resulted in the loss of her full time job due to discrimination from within her male dominated workplace. Competition for jobs in the IT industry in the Vancouver area is fierce, and being transgender doesn’t make things any better. In the end, Morgyn was unable to find full-time work in the IT industry after an extensive and exhaustive search, even with her 12+ years in business technical support and network systems administration. Due to that, she now works as a (happy!) independent web hosting provider and IT contractor performing computer and internet support for businesses in the Lower Mainland. Fortunately we live in a mostly tolerant and liberal society up here in Canada so the number of times she has experienced discrimination first hand in public has been very low.
When I first met Morgyn in 1999 she was a man I fell in love with. Most of the time I could tell that s(he) was unhappy with life in general. We used to argue a lot since we were quite young and each of us had our own issues to discover and deal with, but we always felt that we had a strong emotional connection. Just about a year after we started dating, and after many many circular arguments Morgyn decided that we should separate… She knew something was bothering her but she wasn’t exactly sure what it was. We found each other again in 2007 and that’s when she was able to tell me about her issue and experiences for the first time. I was supportive as I am in love with her and support her choice to be a woman. It is not the sex of a person that makes your personality and I really have a strong bond with her. She did surprise me a little bit because she hid how she felt about herself and I had no idea that she felt that way before. I got over it a few days later though and have been her number one supporter ever since!


On this site you often see or hear me referring to my sweetie and I understand that some of you may have questions about her or Transgender people in general so we thought we would create this page for your information.
Here’s a bit of terminology on a few transgender labels just so that there is no confusion.
CD = CrossDresser. A male who enjoys the wearing of clothes designed for the opposite sex. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a homosexual.
DQ = Drag Queen. A male Homosexual who dresses as a woman.
TV = Tranvestite. A person and especially a male who adopts the dress and often the behavior typical of the opposite sex especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification… Basically a male dressing up as a woman to have sex and they have no desire to alter their body hormonally or surgically to become female. Unfortunately, this is the popularized transgender stereotype and serves to unfairly categorize other transgender people as being driven by sexual motivation.
Ts = Transsexual. A person who psychologically identifies with the opposite sex and may seek to live as a member of this sex especially by undergoing surgery and hormone therapy to obtain the necessary physical appearance and by changing the external sex organs. Morgyn and other transsexuals live their lives this way 24-7.
Hermaphrodite = 1) an animal or plant having both male and female reproductive organs 2) something that is a combination of diverse elements. Hermaphrodites are born & their parents are faced with the difficult decision to keep them male or female. Often they choose the wrong gender for their child.