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We live on a farm in zone 5a in Canada B.C. On this blog you will see our food creations, gardening, beekeeping, wine and beer making, and beginner Astronomy. We really appreciate all the support from our readers.
Laundry Room Addition Pt. 2- Digging Holes

Laundry Room Addition Pt. 2- Digging Holes

Next part of our new laundry room addition is to build a roof on top of our room! That means taking off the railing and digging holes for our new supports for the roof! These are a few of the different types of rocks we found in the 3′ holes Morgyn has been digging! We found some really pretty ones! Morgyn’s Mom makes jewellery and she said if we found a few we liked, smaller ones she can make us a necklace with them! Her jewellery is so pretty, we really like it, to see her webstore check out www.chicjewellerycreations.ca ! All handcrafted by her 🙂 If you like my necklace and earrings you will love the rest of what Chicjewellerycreations has to offer on their site! These holes took about 40 minutes for Morgyn to dig each one! It has been pretty fair weather out this weekend, and Morgyn got a lot dug out! She even found a bottle cap 3′ under ground! Wow! Looked pretty old too.. What our new laundry room will look like after it’s done! 🙂 After a long day of digging, we had some of Morgyn’s pork stew! Absolutely delicious! Cheers...
Holidays in the Cariboo

Holidays in the Cariboo

With it being down to -20 Celsius degrees these last few weeks winter has kicked in full blast along with snow, and yes we got our Christmas decorations up a bit earlier than last year. It was fun putting up the tree, and the little kitties sure love the ornaments! A trick my Mom taught me when I was a kid was to put ornaments that aren’t breakable at the bottom of the tree incase a cat does find a new toy on the tree it wont break or hurt them or your decorations! It worked so far they have found 2 that they like the most 🙂 I also put up our Christmas village on top of our bookshelf along with another set of Christmas lights I found in one of our boxes of decorations. Our dogs sure love the snow! Darwin loves to get his face deep in snow piles and then run around with a snow beard! He is the cutest! Tao dog loves running all around the yard and slipping and sliding as he glides back inside the mud room..Humble Dog well she just loves to play with the puppies outside. I don’t think it matters what the weather is for them to have a good time, they are all healthy happy pups! There has been really great Christmas specials on the TV. Gusto TV has a bunch of great recipe shows for holiday cooking/baking from Spencer Watts (Fish the Dish), some great recipes from the ladies at One World Kitchen, Snoop and Martha Stewart, as well as Jamie Oliver. DIY has been pumping out...
Halloween Brews

Halloween Brews

We started a few batches of beer last week! Making beer at home is a great because it isn’t as expensive as store bought beer and it makes a fair bit of beer from the kit. We like the “Coopers” beer kits the best. Right now we have a Nut Brown Ale and a English Bitter on the go. They should be ready by Halloween if we want to bottle them then! Racking off our Nut Brown Ale! We have it on a heat mat to keep it at fermenting level Little Shadow on the Ikea chair..he is our little...
Our new DIY: Hoop House

Our new DIY: Hoop House

Well last year we didn’t have a big garden as we were new to the growing seasons here and didn’t expect to lose our hot peppers and tomato plants to a freak frost in June! Twice! Needless to say we were disheartened but so was everyone in this little town! This year we want to have a lot of tomatoes so Morgyn and I built a new hoop house here! It is bigger than our last one in Abbotsford, and we are excited for our tomato sprouts to get big so we can house them in our greenhouse! Here are the pictures of the building of our new Hoop House 2017.. First Morgyn had to set up the structure, we reused some of the same materials we had from our last Hoop House in Abbotsford.. It’s Me! Infront of where our Hoop House will be we made rows of well composted soil for whatever vegetable crops we want to have this year! Maybe squashes? We had a couple of big pumpkins a few years back, It will be nice to grow some more! Maybe strawberries too? Yum! Here is our first hoop erected! We are getting there! 🙂 My first cooking lesson started that day! Cheers! With Morgyn’s help I made some really great Quesadillas! Yay! Little Darwin, they are so happy that the snow is all gone! We had a bit of a scare last week though as Humble Dog came home with a few wood ticks on her! One had really effected her badly, she was a little weak for a few days, but all better now!...

Tao Got His Pilots Lisence

Tao dog recently got his pilot’s licence on Twitter through a group called #theaviators! Check out the website to become a member here
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