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We live on a farm in zone 5a in Canada B.C. On this blog you will see our food creations, gardening, beekeeping, wine and beer making, and beginner Astronomy. We really appreciate all the support from our readers.
Prime Rib Roast Dinner

Prime Rib Roast Dinner

We have been celebrating some special dates these last 2 months. In June we had our first wedding anniversary, my wife had her birthday, and then this month it was Canadas 150th birthday! We wanted to revisit our wedding dinner which was prime rib and lobster! Well we didn’t buy the lobster yet but enjoyed a big prime rib roast from our fav butcher #Rempelmeats on the Coast. Morgyn seared the roast on the BBQ just like her Dad did a long time ago at our last place in the Fraser Valley for her birthday. Prime rib always conjures up pleasant memories for us, so it was nice to have a continued celebration week along with my wife’s favorite red wine from Villa Theresa that I surprised her with. Cheers to health, happiness and many more great years ahead of us! Here is the rib roast! It was a pretty good size for the both of us and left overs for a few days!   In my opinion this was the best home made #potatosalad Morgyn has made yet! Darwin is never too far from the block of butter when we are using it! So cute, we always give him a taste of it and he loves sitting pretty for a bite! Here is our favorite store bought wine, Villa Teresa Merlot! So rich in flavour you gotta try it out!   We think the taste of the roast was amplified from the pre salting! Our first time in years using our BBQ! We usually use our DIY smoker, but we wanted that rustic BBQ flavour, and wow did...
First Wedding Anniversary

First Wedding Anniversary

June 25th 2016 Morgyn and I walked down the isle of her Mom’s apartment and we tied the knot! We have always wanted to make it official and we finally did! Marrying my wife was one if not the best decision I have made in my life. What a big year for us 2016 was! We bought our piece of land with our house on it in the Cariboo, got married and started our own life out here! We had a few days celebration this year to remind ourselves that getting married was and still is an important time in our lives! Knowing that I have the support of my wonderful wife througout my ups and downs, is a very comforting feeling! We have always had a special relationship, we are soulmates and I love Morgyn very much! Downing/Salt Lake Some treats we got at the local farmers market #Horstings Local bread! Downing/Salt Lake is a beautiful spot! It’s not too far from our place and has water you can dip your toes into! This was the first time in a long time I was barefoot at any body of water!   We spend a lot of time out in our garden..at #Horstings we bought a few Strawberry plants and Squash. We put them in our rows! First things we have permanently planted in the ground at our place 🙂 Morgyn spent a bit of time putting together a water irrigation system for our rows so we don’t have to water them with our hose! We brought over our Rhubarb from our old place in the Fraser Valley BC...
Start of Summer Dishes

Start of Summer Dishes

It’s been in the higher 30C temps the last few weeks, so we have been making more lighter cooler meals. Here are some photos of what we’ve been making in the kitchen 🙂 Chocolate Icecream, yogurt and frozen veggie smoothies I made this morning Morgyn made us some Spam and eggs while I made myself a energizing 2 tea medley using Oolong and Japanese Green Tea with rice.. Here is the tasty Spam Morgyn fried up! We like to dip it in Mustard Then the other day we realized we had all the ingredients for Salad Rolls! So we made them up and Morgyn also completed a delicious Peanut Satay from scratch..we are also going to use the satay in another dish this weekend.   Here is the start of a Summer Ale we made that we are tasting today and it is very delicious! Another 2 tea medley..this one is a organic ginger tea Morgyns Mom bought for us along with an Oolong teabag, a slice of fresh lemon and some lime leaves! Yum! We bought some fresh Summer veggies at the store last week..we fried them up! This vegetable is called Rapini. It reminds me of Spinach and Asparagus..the longer you leave it in the fridge however the more bitter it gets raw..we fried ours up in a pan on high heat with garlic and butter..delicious! Morgyn loves a good BLT and so do I! We bought a few storebought beers when we were waiting for our beer to be done. This one is a Pale Ale and is from the Tree Brewing Co. in Kelowna! Very...
Our new DIY: Hoop House

Our new DIY: Hoop House

Well last year we didn’t have a big garden as we were new to the growing seasons here and didn’t expect to lose our hot peppers and tomato plants to a freak frost in June! Twice! Needless to say we were disheartened but so was everyone in this little town! This year we want to have a lot of tomatoes so Morgyn and I built a new hoop house here! It is bigger than our last one in Abbotsford, and we are excited for our tomato sprouts to get big so we can house them in our greenhouse! Here are the pictures of the building of our new Hoop House 2017.. First Morgyn had to set up the structure, we reused some of the same materials we had from our last Hoop House in Abbotsford.. It’s Me! Infront of where our Hoop House will be we made rows of well composted soil for whatever vegetable crops we want to have this year! Maybe squashes? We had a couple of big pumpkins a few years back, It will be nice to grow some more! Maybe strawberries too? Yum! Here is our first hoop erected! We are getting there! 🙂 My first cooking lesson started that day! Cheers! With Morgyn’s help I made some really great Quesadillas! Yay! Little Darwin, they are so happy that the snow is all gone! We had a bit of a scare last week though as Humble Dog came home with a few wood ticks on her! One had really effected her badly, she was a little weak for a few days, but all better now!...

Tao Got His Pilots Lisence

Tao dog recently got his pilot’s licence on Twitter through a group called #theaviators! Check out the website to become a member here
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