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We live on a farm with many animals including our dogs, cats and chickens. On this blog you will see our food creations, gardening, beekeeping, wine and beer making, and beginner Astronomy. We really appreciate all the support from our readers.
Delicious Chile Rellenos

Delicious Chile Rellenos

Last night for dinner we harvested some of our Pablanos from our Hoop House and made Chile Rellenos for the first time! It was also our first time experiencing such flavour combinations! Morgyn made Spanish Rice and also filled them with some of our Pulled Pork from...
Pulled Pork Night

Pulled Pork Night

Yesterday for dinner we made a pork shoulder into Pulled Pork on our newly revived smoker! We’ve used our home made smoker for about 5 years now and it has only had to be tweaked a few times. Nothing beats a home smoked meal on a Summer or even Winter evening!...
Sundrying Tomatoes

Sundrying Tomatoes

Yesterday was harvest day! We picked a bunch of our green beans, made more pickles, hung up some of our herbs, and started to sun dry 2 different kinds of tomatoes! It was a busy day and the sun was shining. Enjoy the photos of us preparing the...
Second Batch Blackberry Wine

Second Batch Blackberry Wine

Blackberries, blackberries, blackberries! They have invaded our yard and we are making with with them! Yesterday we racked off our first batch of Blackberry Wine and started our second batch! If  you want to know the taste it is a little on the sweet side right now,...


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