We have been getting lots of sunshine this last week! Our plants are relishing in it and here are some photos of my flowers as they get bigger!


Bergamot, Snap Dragons, Agastache, Shasta Daisy


Bergamot, Chamomile, Dianthus, Nasturium, Snap Dragon, Agastache, Aster, Shasta Daisy


Aster, Bergamot, Snap Dragons, Chamomile, Agastache

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Seedlings April

Here are some more photos of our seedlings and how they are doing!


Here you can see a small hot pepper forming! In the cups are more hot peppers, tomatoes and Basil


Some Hot Peppers and Tomatoes


Foxgloves, Snap Dragons, Cosmos, Agastache (Licorice Mint), and Chamomile


My Royal Alyssum


Hanging Basket Iberis and Alyssum with Amaranthus around the edge

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Over the last few weeks my flowers and herbs have got a lot bigger. I am unsure of what one blossoming flower is though. I think it is either a Shasta Daisy or a Aster. I guess we will see as the other ones grow what it is. I transplanted some Stocks, Cosmos, Zinnias, and Nasturtiums today as they are quickly out growing the small black cups! The weather has been nicer these last few days and our plants are loving it! It is still too soon to put them outside, and by that time Morgyn’s Tomatoes and Sunflowers will be even taller than they are now! What a great garden we are going to have this year!


Blossoming Flower (Shasta Daisy or Aster). Other Shasta Daisies, and Asters also a Snap Dragon on the left.


Our over wintered Rhubarb that is doing really well! We may transplant some into a different area of our yard as well.


Newly transplanted Stocks, Cosmos, and Nasturtiums. In the back Snap Dragons, Asters, Shasta Daisies, Stocks, Violas


Flowers and Herbs doing well and enjoying the sunshine! :)


Another tray of new seedlings ; Borage, Marigolds, Lemon Balm, Zinnias


Dianthus, Shasta Daisies, Lupins (that I learned I cannot transplant. Have to direct seed as they do not react well to transplanting), Stocks (these are the stocks that I transplanted today), Cosmos, and Marigolds.

I think the easiest flowers to germinate are Stocks, Marigolds, Cosmos and Zinnias.

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Last night after a lot of preparation we made Thai Yellow Curry with Saffron Rice. It was very nice to eat it again since we haven’t made it for awhile. If you haven’t had it before, you should try it. The paste is very delicious and the main dish has coconut milk in it which makes it a bit sweet. We added Prawns to ours and it was lovely..ff you like things a little spicy you can add as many chilies in the dish as you like, this time we just added some red chili flakes! It was very flavorful and there are left overs for today! :)


Making Yellow Thai Curry Paste


Adding Thai Yellow Curry Paste to Wok of ingredients




Adding Coconut Milk and Red Chili Flakes


Adding Potatoes



Adding Carrots :)


Adding Beef Stock


Making Saffron Rice


Thai Yellow Curry with Saffron Rice


Yum! Let’s Eat :)

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Our seedlings are really doing great now! Morgyn’s hot peppers are really looking healthy, same with my flowers and herbs. I had to water a few of my seedlings today because they dried out from the sunshine. They are slowly getting bigger and it is exciting to see how far they’ve come!


My Flowers and Herbs


Hot Peppers and my Amaranthus hanging basket. Here is Mr Dog sunbathing!




Tomatoes, my new flowers and herbs, Lettuce in the next tray, more hot Peppers in the next tray and then my Amaranthus hanging basket :)

Today we were out in the yard working on our Pea Bed and started putting some gardening plastic and compost on my flower bed. It will take quite a few big planters full of compost yet to cover all my garden. I didn’t realize how big my flower bed is! I thought it was a lot smaller, I will for sure have enough space for my flowers and possibly be able to start more! A pleasant surprise today with my 2 new trays of flowers and herbs, my first Borage seedling is coming up! So exciting I was almost worried that they hadn’t got enough water or too much water for that matter but a whole bunch of different seedlings are coming up! Marigolds, Cosmos, Lemon Balm, Stocks and my Borage.


Pea Bed


Preparing my Flower Bed putting black garden plastic and covering with compost!


Sweet Peas, New basket of Royal Carpet Alyssum (Purple in color), my first Borage seedling in the tray, Lemon Balm, Marigolds


My Marigolds, Cosmos, Stocks


Our Bees Overwintered wonderfully! This photo was taken this afternoon, look at them go! Lots of new little bees out as well, learning where to go for pollen!

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One of our garden projects is our Pea Bed as you may have seen a few days ago. Today it is a really nice outside and we decided to finish filling up the bed with compost and Morgyn planted the Peas! We only planted half of the bed with Peas as we are going to be planting Beans in the other side. They are going to be fun to follow up on and delicious to eat!


Our curious Hens!


Pea Bed all full of Compost and Vegetable Foods


Peas and Vegetable Food..


Morgyn planting Peas after soaking and inoculating them! :)


Sowing Peas


More packages of Peas


Little Caterpillar catching some sun! :)

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